Reading Challenges


Dear HFA Follower.

I love to read and I can assume since you are here, on this particular page entitled “Reading Challenges’, you share the same affinity for books as I do. This challenge is a simple one. Considering you and I lead busy lives with many things and people pulling for our attention and our time, I decided this challenge would not be arduous. After all, reading should be a pleasure and a wonderful form of escapism. Therefore, I am not asking you to read 50 books in a year (as I have in the past). I am not asking you to read 25 books in a year (though you can if you want to). I am not asking you to read 10 books in a year (What? Has she gone mad?). I am asking you to read and tell me about one really, fantastic, captivating, historical novel that you read this year (2018) and tell me and my fellow book junkies what it is and why it was so amazing. That’s it. Read one great historical novel this year and then come back here and tell us all about it.

Think you can do that? I know I can. (Psst…I have started reading, “Gone with the Wind”!)


Until next time,  Read on!



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