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As a graduate with an Honors degree in History (and Psychology) plus a Bachelor of Education degree in English, I possess a delightful combination of passions that marries perfectly with Historical Fiction novels. A genre I not only love to read, but love to write. I am an English High School teacher and therefore have the honor of sharing my passion for literature every day, minus summer holidays, with some really great teenagers. I must warn you, before you go further, that this blog is a pilgrimage through various ancient worlds, into intriguing minds and unusual circumstances and over challenging literary terrains. Be prepared to see different things, differently. I will offer you reviews of historical fiction novels with an honest voice but remember,  these are my opinions only and know, that I welcome your views and perspectives as well. I love quotes! And so in keeping with this, I will present you with quotes that may inspire you, motive you and confuse you-among a variety of other reactions- from a variety of literary voices in the historical fiction world. Perhaps, you will offer a quote as well? You will also find release dates for new works of historical fictions, interesting facts about authors and/or historical eras, plot summaries, reviews of other blog sites (and links to blogs I follow), reading challenges, surveys and whatever other interesting points I can direct you to, to make our adventure memorable. Please, feel free to request or suggest books for review thereby adding to our historical fiction landscape. I hope you learn,grow, find inspiration and strength as you participate in this blog. I know I intend to. And now, let us begin as we have much to see and many “places” to visit.
Enjoy the journey fellow wayfarer!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks very interesting.
    As a Canadian author with a brand-new hf novel just out, I’m wondering whether you allow guest posts, and/or would consider reviewing my book, Stolen?
    I’m sorry if this is not the right place to ask. I couldn’t find a ‘submissions’ button.

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    • Hi Sheila,

      Congratulation on your new novel! I would be delighted to review your novel, Stolen. Furthermore, I would also welcome a guest post to my site. Would you be open to an interview that I could post for my viewers as well?


      • Thank you so much. I would love to do a post, and an interview. I forgot to mention that Stolen is currently available as an ebook only. I can send you a mobi file for a Kindle for review, if you have one, or a Word file. Would either work for you?


      • Hi Sheila.
        I have an Ipad which I believe I can use to read ebooks (thanks to all the wonderful, and seemingly endless, apps available.) Send it to me at kreimer@mymts.net . Once I have reviewed it I would like to let you set up an interview. But more on that once I have read your book (and on the guest post too!).
        Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to reading your HF novel.
        If you have any questions, please let me know.
        Chat soon!


      • I received your ebook, Stolen. I will contact you once I have finished reading it. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts about the guest post you would like to submit?


  2. Thanks, Kelly-Lynne.
    I would like to do a brief background to the book, perhaps in the form of a Q & A, with an emphasis on women’s role in the seventeenth century world, England in particular.
    Does that suit?


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