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I love to read Historical Fiction set in all eras. Historical Fiction Addicts is devoted solely to Historical Fiction. If the book you are promoting is not in this genre, sadly I will not be able to devote space to it on this blog.Whilst I welcome all requests for reviews I reserve the right to not accept every book offered. I will also endeavour to always give an honest review.

I am always interested in working with authors and publicists, so if you are interested in guest posting, being interviewed or having us host a giveaway then please contact me  on the email address below.

All posts have additional exposure on Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that they are seen by as many readers as possible.

If you would like to contact me by email my address is kellylynnereimer@


2 thoughts on “Book Review – What & How

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Found your website. Thought you may be interested in receiving a copy of my first novel and invite an honest review.
    It is a true WW2 story about my father and what happened to him during the war. Great reviews so far!
    The easiest way to explain is to refer you to my small website:
    If you are interested let me know and I will arrange for a copy to be sent to you by my publisher.
    Richard Barker


    • Congratulations! How exciting! Send your novel my way Richard. I have quite the stack to review but will work toward reviewing yours as soon as I can. Again, congratulations on your first novel.


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