Getting Back on the Proverbial Horse

Writing- it’s a discipline that,like exercise, is best if practiced consistently. Let’s be honest though-it is not easy to be consistent. So many things vie for our attention, our time, our efforts and our talents. Some things legitimately require out focus- such as our “real” jobs, our children and, in some cases, our health. And when these things pull us out of our routine of writing, it becomes more difficult to find our way back to our desk, back into the story we had been writing and back into the lives of our characters. In fact, the longer we are away from them the more awkward and intimated we are by the idea of writing. It’s like a friendship you haven’t connected with for a while. You miss them, enjoyed your time with them but now you are ashamed you haven’t connected in a while. The idea of starting up that conversation makes your stomach feel like a thousand bees are swarming around your innards. And you tell yourself, it’s stupid. It’s been too long, they won’t want to be with you because you’ve been such a terrible friend. Nevertheless, you take a deep breath, send them a short text and before you know it, you are right back where you left off.

So, dear reader and fellow writer, if you are like me and it has been far too long since you wrote anything (besides the cheque to pay for bills and lessons for your children) that take a deep breath and write a few words on that page. Before you know it, you will be writing as though no Time has been lost. Get back on the horse and enjoy the ride!


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