When It Rains on Your Parade…or computer!

This blog comes to you as a result of rain- which it is doing as I write this to you.


Nothing but Grey Skies!

 Today, I opened the vent in our camping trailer to let some fresh air in. I gathered my computer from my bag, set it on the table and went to work making French toast for son and his friends who had joined our family for a few days at the lake. After breakfast and the dishes, I left to pick up a few groceries. The sky turned dark, heavy clouds rolled in and rain dumped from the sky like a waterfall.

I returned from the store to discover my computer had been moved off the table and was now under the open vent! Rain had poured in, soaking my bed and computer! Aaaah!  I did the only thing I could (no, I didn’t cry). I wiped off the computer with a towel, turned it on its side and am praying it will dry out and work. Then I took my wet bedding and hung it about the trailer to dry off as well. (The mattress may take longer to dry out. And, of course, it is on my side of the bed!). This disturbing and highly disruptive event got me thinking about the other rain that falls on our lives as writers and halts us (at least temporarily) of our progress.

         We all can remember a time when we made plans, plans that depended on the weather, such as a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, a day at the amusement park, a wedding, a BBQ with friends. We make the calls, purchase the necessary elements, and our excitement skyrockets as the day approaches. We wake with great enthusiasm, rush to the window to welcome the day only to be greeted by huge grey clouds and rain drops the sizes of melons dropping on the soggy ground below. Our parade has just been rained on. 

This can happen to our writing plans too. We have worked out the plot, developed some strong characters, researched endless locations, books, websites and experts. We are feeling prepared and excited to sit down and write the story that has consumed all our thoughts. The start day is set. You grab a cup of tea, gather up the thesaurus, dictionary and a blank notepad and sit down at your computer when doubt rains down on you. I can’t do this. I can’t think of where to begin. I don’t know where to go from here. This sounds terrible! Noone’s gonna want to read this. Who am I kidding, I’ll never get published! We are soaked in self-doubt and, quite possibly, by the unkind and unsupportive people in your life.  

Perhaps the rain that washes away your resolve is more intense – an illness, a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a loss of a job. These are big storms that force us to take shelter, to huddle inside until it passes. But make no mistake the storm will pass, the question is will it take away your dreams, your passions, your work? Or will you dry yourself off, sit down once again and begin to tap, tap on the keyboard? 

I will have to let my computer dry for a couple of days before I try using it. But I will use it. I have my next book to finish. So my dear HFA friend, when the rain pounds down on you, wait it out, towel yourself off and keep moving forward….it’s the best direction you can go when persuing your dreams!

And one more tip-keep your computer away from open vents 🙂 

Until Next Time….Stay Dry!


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