Book Review- The Lady of the Eternal City by author Kate Quinn

eternal city kate quinn I was given the privilege of receiving an advance copy of this novel from the author and am happy to share my review with you here.

The Lady of the Eternal City by Kate Quinn is a captivating and intense narrative that follows three individuals whose lives are so entwined that one wrong move will send them all falling to their deaths and Sabina, empress of Rome, finds herself in the center of it all. This dangerous position of maintaining peace between two enemies her tyrannical and ruthless husband, Emperor Hadrian, and her secret love, the formidable warrior, Vix- is further complicated when Sabina discovers that Emperor Hadrian has developed an obsession with a young and beautiful man, Antinous, the son of Vix.

Kate shifts points of view throughout the book, allowing the reader to see and understand events and interactions from differing character point of views. The development of character is therefore, extensive, and readers will come to know the main characters motives and behaviors extensively. Furthermore, this switching of POV also intensifies the reader’s connection to or loathing of the characters. Who doesn’t love to hate a villain and love to root for the Protagonists? However, this is not as simple as it seems as the author crafts through her narrative   a complex and layered villain that readers can sympathize with. And if you are like me, this makes hating him more difficult.

As Hadrian seeks to extend his influence, squelch uprisings, and define his legacy, a deadly conspiracy is planned, one that may destroy the men in Sabina’s life.  In a world of shifting political alliances, trust is a luxury and love is for the gods, Sabrina must tread wisely, secretively, to search out the traitors before it is too late.Before the traitors turn on her and destroy it all.

Kate tastefully and carefully tells the story of the relationship between Antonious and the Emperor, revealing the power of love to calm the beast and reveal the greatness of a man who history now recalls Hadrian to be. However, such love does come with a cost and in the pages of The Lady of the Eternal City, Kate weaves the dangers and the sacrifice such passion costs.

The Lady of the Eternal City, offers complex characters that readers will love, hate and love again. It’s a complex story with a beautifully historical setting that is sure to become a fan favorite.

Visit Kate at her website: Kate Quinn

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