Writer’s Space…I Finally Have One!

Hello HFA!

Yes, it is true! I have a writing space, and a lovely one I might add. After years of writing at the kitchen table, sitting on my bed, at a table in the living room or from small table at Starbucks in my local Chapter’s bookstore (as lovely as this was it was a strain on my wallet to enjoy the yummy chai tea latte and the endless books)- I am delighted to say I have my very own writer’s space!

Thanks to the hard work and talented effort of my husband who finished our basement and made two incredible bedrooms for our children to enjoy, the den (which my son was using as his bedroom) is now my space. I  just moved in and so I have nothing on the walls and little to no decor but I am happier than a child in rain boots splashing through endless puddles!  I have included some pictures of my writing space. Let the creativity begin!

The view from my desk – A big window looks out to the front of our street.

My FREE desk and shelving unit. I had envisioned a warm wooden desk but who can pass up free? Not this Scottish-blood girl! Yes, the walls are bare, but give me time (and money) and I will transform this.

My puppy,Oliver, with his favorite toy soaking in the late afternoon sunshine. Oh to be a dog! I hope I don’t find this space as relaxing as he does or I shall never get any writing done (but lots of napping!)

To Celebrate my new-found space I thought you all might enjoy a glimpse into the writing spaces of some of our most beloved and famous writers. Additionally, I would LOVE it if you would tell me about your writing space or send me pictures.

Yann Martel

Canadian Author of The Life of Pi, Yann Martel in his simple office. Some paper to keep notes on, his laptop and a window. Not a bad space Yann!

Stephen King Office

Steven King…I read in his book, On Writing, that following his terrible accident he was unable to get to his writing space and so his wife arranged a small table and chair in the pantry where he could write. I find this very handy. Imagine. You have been pounding the keys for hours, your stomach demands to be heard but you can’t leave or your character may escape to the land of Block O’Writers. So you reach up to the nearest shelf and Voila! A box of Oreo Cookies. A bag of delicious Chicago Mix. A bottle of Evian water (or Coke if you prefer?). Your stomach thanks you and your story continues on. Crisis averted! I think this is a perfect writing space!

margaret atwood

This is Margaret Atwood, one of Canada’s most celebrated and recognized authors, writing The Handmaid’s Tale in an empty room in Berlin. A table. A big Window. Barren Walls and a brilliant mind was all that was needed to create such a compelling story.

Shakespeare Office

The Bard. William Shakespeare. It is believed that William Shakespeare wrote his plays and Sonnets in a tavern. Personally speaking I would never get a word written in such a place. Although I may develop some memorable characters and some disturbing dialogue…Hmmm. Perhaps, William had something here?



Tina Fey…Probably what you imagined for this creative, funny and gifted writer. It’s sometimes how my mind feels. Torn between parenting, working, writing and….aaah! cleaning the house.

Hemingway Office

Hemingway. The master of prose. I recently found and purchased an old typewriter and plan on using it for typing out special notes of thank you or celebratory messages. I cannot imagine writing any size of novel (or prose) on a manual typewriter that does not come equipped with a very useful backspace, spell check, copy, paste and cut option. How did Hemingway do it?


Virginia Woolf. It is proposed that Ms. Woolf wrote her novels sitting at a table. (This is where Virginia and I have something in common!). Unlike the modern writer, she used ink and a quill and unlike Hemingway, who had the typewriter and all its conveniences, Virginia had to write everything out by hand. Ugh. I don’t think anyone would be able to read my novel after the third sentence if I had to write it all out. It does seem that cursive writing is becoming a lost art. The students I teach do not write. In fact, when I write comments on their work they cannot read it. Perhaps I need a text app that can be printed off and then stuck to their work?

Thank you for stopping by and celebrating my new writing space. If you wish to learn more about famous artists creative spaces check out this: Creative Artists Spaces

And drop me a line, send along a picture of your writing/reading space. I’d love to hear from you!

Until Next Time…Enjoy your Space!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Space…I Finally Have One!

    • I wish the same for you Sheila! I have used our local library too. It is very handy for researching. This is our seventh home and I was beginning to think a writing space was only a place in my head. It isn’t elaborate but I like it and find working in the space so much less distracting than in the living room which was the busy space of our home with kids playing games, watching TV. And because our living room is open to the kitchen that was a whole new distraction for me. Why don’t you send me a picture of yourself in your local library writing with some words of wisdom for HFA readers?


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