The Truth and the Life by Elizabeth Moor : Book Review

Truth and Life

The Truth and the Life, a new novel by Elizabeth Moore  is set  in the nineteenth century industrial town of Cedar Mills, in the center of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Rachel Morris, an impulsive and young dare-devil of a teenage girl  becomes embroiled in an unusual relationship with David Cranmer, a teenage boy who does little to discourage Rachel’s antics but rather encourages Rachel’s dangerous behaviours.  Ignorant of the consequences of their actions, Rachel and David’s continue to sneak off together.  Meanwhile, Mr. Hawthorne, a local businessman,  is trying to revitalize the town by building a new paper mill. The town is both excited and sceptical that such an enterprise will help the town’s development. Eventually, Rachel and David’s relationship leads down a dark path resulting in the struggling towns ultimate demise and lasting repercussions that reach far into the future.

Juxtaposed to this is the present day  story of Emma Harris, a young woman from Boston  who is struggling with depression following the recent death of her mother. While sifting through an old box of pictures, Emma finds a photograph of her mother in a Ford Model N with person she doesn’t recognize, a note written on the back and an obituary notice that leads to more questions than answers about her mother. Unable to concentrate at work and plagued by suicidal thoughts Emma sets out to discover the answers regarding her mother’s past life and to bring some peace and order to her own. While aboard a plane she meets a man, Daniel, heading to the same town. Together, this unlikely pair seek the truth that will link Emma Harris’ life  to Rachel Morris’ life.

The novel flips from one character’s point of view to the next. While this can be difficult to follow at the start of the novel, readers will become accustomed to the switch and caught up in the story and the rich tapestry of its setting.

Coming Soon! A Guest Post by author, Elizabeth Moore.

Copies of this novel, both in paperback and Kindle version can be purchased at Amazon.

If you have already read The Truth and The Life, please let me know your thoughts on the novel. Or, once you have read the book, come back and share your thoughts!

Until next time…happy reading!


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