Interview With Historian Nathaniel Philbrick About His Book ‘Bunker Hill’

Have you ever wonder what went into writing a Historical Novel? Read the interview of author, Nathaniel Philbrick, to get the answers.

Writing Historical Novels

Nathaniel Philbrick is interviewed here by his US publisher, Viking (Penguin), about his narrative non-fiction history book, Bunker Hill, about Boston during the American Revolution. Bunker Hill is also published in the UK by Transworld (Random House).

You can watch the book trailer for Bunker Hill on YouTube here and read the first chapter on Nathaniel Philbrick’s author website here.


You are the author of In the Heart of the Sea and Mayflower, among other books. Each takes a piece of history we all think we know about and brings to life aspects that aren’t part of common lore. In Bunker Hill you do the same. What piqued your interest in Bunker Hill?  

By writing Bunker Hill, I’ve actually returned to the subject and the place where my love of history began.  When I was in the fifth grade in Pittsburgh I was captivated by Esther Forbes’s…

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