Roving Review – The Winter King – Final Review

winter king

It is hard to imagine, but I have come to the end of  The Winter King. My only consolation is that there is another book Enemy of God that I can rush out and buy so I can continue reading the Warlord Series. Please, enjoy my final review of The Winter King and do drop me a line or two letting me know what you are reading and, if you have read this novel, what you thought of it.

The Winter King, the first in the Warlord Series, is an elaborately detailed narrative that offers readers an alternative and opposing perspective of Arthur, the man of myths and legends. Initially, readers will find there are many unusual names and places to become familiar with, but Cornwell provides a detailed map and a list of characters that aid readers greatly. Cornwell writes captivating, page turning and vivid accounts of battles, escapes and the tension between the many Kings and Kingdoms of Britain. Entwined in these epic scenes are the conflicts between the old world of magic and the growing spread of Christianity, his love of Guinevere, his effort to defend a crippled infant King, unite a divided Britain and fight the Saxon armies that threaten the entire land. For readers of Historical Fiction who are seeking a challenging, richly detailed narrative, Bernard Cornwell’s The Winter King is a must read.


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