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Hello HFAs!

Welcome to the first day of the week. Most of us find Mondays to be a tough day, a day when we must say good-bye to the weekend and hello to the work week, whether that work week entails working outside the home or (continuing) to work inside the home. Mondays can be a bit of a blue day. Therefore, to brighten your day up, I offer you a place to find like-minded people to chat and discuss what you love, reading and writing Historical Fiction (or for some of you, any genre will do).

If you haven’t been part of  a forum before this will be a new and possibly addicting experience. For the rest of you familiar with Forums you know that these sites can offer a wide range of knowledge, experiences, opinions and thoughts. That being said it is wise to enter a forum knowing not all information is going to line up with yours. (This can be a good thing as it stretches us and challenges us.) And like anything in this world, we must be a cautious and courteous consumer.  That being said, I invite you to visit some of the forums I have listed below and engage in some healthy, challenging and enlightening conversations. This may be the very thing that makes your Monday more manageable. Enjoy!

Historical Fiction Online Forum

Historum Forum (Gotta love how that rhymes!)

Fiction Press – For this one, just click on the genre you wish to discuss and this will take you where you need to go.



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