Do it!

“Some men are better at knowing than doing” –The Winter King


Some are better at knowing…this is the truth for many of us, is it not? We know all the answers, we know where to find the answers, we know how something should be installed, fixed, painted, arranged, organized, marketed, cleaned, sold, purchased, and written, published and so on. But knowing is the easy part. Doing is the hard part.

Knowing is a passive verb; A cerebral verb that requires little output. We take information in, sort it, catalog it for further reference and then we happily tell others how to do something based on this knowledge. We think we are being helpful, and in some case we are. But have you ever tested out what you know? Do you know that what you say will actually work?

Whereas doing is an active verb. We put into action the things that we say. So, for those of you out there who keep saying, “I want to write a book.” Now is the time! For those of you who have a book finished (hooray) but have kept it under lock and key (boo), now is the time to send it off. Yes, this is scary. Yes, it might get rejected. BUT…you will never know unless you do something about it. For those of you who want to join a reading club, do it! Go to your local library and get a list of clubs and call one up. If that’s too much doing, contact one over the internet and join a group that way. For those of you who want to start a book club, do it!

Here’s some online Book Club Sources

Online Book Club for Readers

Reading Group Guides

And one of the biggest and most well-known GoodReads

For the Writer’s in  our Community:

1. Get your Posterior Parked in the Chair and Write!

2. Once you have a polished product, send it out to some agents/publishers. But don’t send it to just any agent or publisher. Investigate who they are, what/who they represent and the requirements for submissions. I’ll chat more about this in another post.

3. Continue to Read – other books are our teachers, so open a book and get learning!

So, dear reader and dear writer…I give you a mantra. I give you the two little words that the shoe company Nike understood so well…Do It!

Here’s a video I show my students in our study of poetry. It is my hope that you don’t sell out on yourself and your dreams.


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