Wrong Choices, Write Places!

Where did I go wrong? Isn’t’ this the question we ask our self in a variety of circumstances?

For example,

Raising Children- Where did I go Wrong?

Losing Weight -Where did I go Wrong?

Career Choices – Where did I go Wrong

Love Choices – Where did I go Wrong?

Line up at Starbucks -Where did I go Wrong?

Movie Theatre- Where did I go Wrong

Subway Sandwich Toppings -Where did I go Wrong?

Oh, I am sure this list could go on and on. Believe me, I have quite the extensive list myself. But I found this image while preparing  for a presentation to a group of teachers and I felt I must share it with you. This really sums up how I , now,  look at what is “wrong” in my world. Take a look.


Doesn’t that make it a little better? A little easier to bear? And a little lighter burden to carry? I know it does for me. As a writer (and every other role I play) I can make a lot of wrong choices for my character, for the setting, for the crisis, for the dialogue…but somehow it comes together. What I think is wrong because it isn’t exactly how I thought it might be does not mean I ended up in the wrong place. In fact, some of these wrong choices bring me where I need to be.

For example.

I send my work to an agent – they rejected it. Wrong choice of an agent. So I try again (and again, and again and again) each wrong choice is directing me. No, not into depression (although I do find receiving those letters a bit of an emotional toilet bowl on my, otherwise, positive demeanor.) What I mean is- with each rejection I reconsider my work. I may revise it, tweak it, or alter it in some way. Another rejection and I am pursuing help from others perhaps in the form of a class on writing, a workshop on dialogue, a critique from a book club. But each “wrong” choice leads me to doing something that ultimately makes me better. And being better is certainly the right place to end up. This can apply to anything in our life.

Now, some choice are absolutely the wrong thing. And in our world where we struggle to believe in absolutes, it is nevertheless an ugly truth we must face. We made a mistake. So now what? We have yet another choice to make in our mistake. A wrong choice and a wrong place can drive us to better our self, if we let them, or we can become… hermits. Personally, I like people. I like being part of a community, so being a hermit is out. (Besides, don’t hermits wear only one outfit for the rest of their life? Seriously, one outfit!) So my mistake drives me to change something. In changing something, I am changing my place and that, dear friend, will lead us to success. Success as a person, parent, friend, employee, boss, lover and writer.

Well, my dear writer and my dear reader, whatever choices you have made and whatever choices you have yet to make, I pray they lead you to the WRITE (right) place!

Here’s some inspiration for you. And then, share your inspiration with us here by commenting below. How do you deal with your mistakes? What keeps you moving forward?


Until next time!


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