Where Do I Go if I Want to Read? Write?

Hello HFAs.

2015/01/img_1219.jpgI thought today I would supply you with a list of places you can get your HF fix for both the readers and the writers in our community. I hope these links satisfy your craving, at least temporarily. If they do, let me know and if you have suggestions please share that too. I am always looking for new ways to satisfy my need to read and to write.  I have split the “fixes” according to what you may be craving the most. Click the links and get your fill. 🙂




Canada Reads –Launched in 2001, CANADA READS is CBC’s annual battle of the books, where five Canadian personalities each select a book they believe all Canadians should read. They defend their chosen title in a series of debates, and the books are eliminated one by one until a winner is declared. The debates air on CBC Radio OneCBC-TVdocumentaryand are live streamed at CBCBooks.ca.

Historical Novel Listed by Time and Place – a great source if you want to “fixate” on a particular time or place to satisfy your HFA.

50 Essential Historical Fiction Books– this site offers a list of what “they” (who ever they are) consider the 50 essential HF books. Check to see if you have some of them and then decide what book you will add to your growing HF library.




Jane Friedman – Ms. Friedman has a great website for writers. She offers workshops, critiques, tips, up-to-date news on the publishing world. She is a frequent teacher for Writer’s Digest courses as well.

This Itch of Writing: The Blog – Emma Darwin hosts this site offering insights,suggestions, tips and personal aid to writers.

A Writer of History – M.K. Tod similar to the previously mentioned sites, Tod has suggestions, author interviews, and tips







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