Roving Review The Winter King Part 3

winter king

I am well into The Winter King (page 316 of 488) and finding, despite the numerous names and  places, the story is captivating. Cornwell writes fast paced and vivid battle scenes (or escape scenes) that keep me up into the night (and therefore, tired for my classes the next day.) But, such is the price of a good book!

Arthur has arrived and so has Merlin, the great magician. Citizens and soldiers are anxious to see how Arthur will protect the crippled baby king, Mordred, and how Merlin will use his powers to aid the weakening defense. Britain, specifically Durnovaria, is under attack from numerous kingdoms, each determined to capture (or kill) Mordred, claim the kingdom, and seek revenge upon Arthur who has, in various way, slighted the kings of these lands. Lancelot, along with his Queen mother, escaped to Durnovaria following the fall of their kingdom, for protection and to join the battles.

And as lovers of Historical Fiction, my dear HFA, we know a love affair will develop between Lancelot and Guinevere….the question is how? And how will it affect Arthur? The battles? Merlin? And the life of the child Arthur is fighting for? I shall have to read on…and you will have to go to your local bookstore or library to get the book so you can find out for yourself!

Happy Reading!

Until Next Time!


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