Connect the Dot Challenge

Today’s challenge from “The Daily Posts” is to turn to page 82 of the nearest book, choose the third complete sentence and work that sentence (or a part of it) into a new post. My words come from a book titled, The Big Idea. In the words of Barnie from How I  Met Your Mother, “Challenge Accepted!” Below is the result of said challenge. It is more of a rant, enjoy!

The paradox of the Big Idea for me as a writer is  the big idea is usually a small idea that swelled with more ideas, like a fungus or bacteria, taking over my entire mind, denying me sleep and chewing away at my confidence. The big idea of risking and yet being faithful to the technical rules of writing or of my genre are both limiting and freeing. I know my boundaries and yet I press against them so often believing this time I will move the fence, but then I find myself grateful for the fence. Robert Frost said that “Fences make good neighbours”. I wonder, did he have writing in mind when he wrote that? Being a writer, perhaps on a subconscious level.

John Steinbeck, novelist best known for The Grapes of Wrath  & Of Mice and Men, in an essay entitled “Paradox and Dream” (1966) writes that “we bridle and buck under failure, and we go mad with dissatisfaction in the face of success. For the most part we are an intemperate people..” I think Mr. Steinbeck has confessed something we are all afraid to speak out loud. We are a paradox.

Add your own rant  or paradox in a comment below! Or like this post if you are a paradox too!

Until next time!

Below is a link to the article “Paradox and Dream”

Paradox and Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”


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