How is an Athlete like a Writer?

Putting the butt in the chair and the fingers on the keyboard and tapping out a brilliant literary masterpiece is not for the faint of heart, it is for the faithful. The writer who, despite feeling unworthy, unskilled and uninspired, sits down and pushes through every writer’s block, every discouraging word (or thought) you have ever said to yourself and every disappointment you have ever experienced. The writer who is a writer does one thing…they write. It is not easy but it is about being faithful. It takes an Olympian a minimum of 10, 000 hours of practice. 10, 000!  Let that sink in. For a skater they must put 10, 000 hours on the ice doing jump after jump, spin after spin, footwork after footwork. For a diver they must spend 10,000 hours at the pool on the diving board diving over and over again. These athletes get up early to practice, spend time after school practicing, they go to competitions and summer schools and take training and criticism to one day, hopefully, get the most coveted and most world-wide recognized honors of an athlete’s career, the Olympic medal. I think by now you know where I am heading with this little analogy. These athlete were faithful and so must you dear writer, be faithful to your craft. It is a craft that requires, like an athlete, time in practicing, training, attending conferences and receiving criticism. It won’t be easy and it does take time, heart and a firmness of resolve, aka, faithfulness. FSKATE-JPN-PRIX

For some motivation to remain faithful check out the link provided and read the examples of writers who remained faithful despite the discouragement, rejection and frustration they experienced. You see, dear writer, you are not alone. You may be writing your work alone, but you are not alone. As I have said before, writing is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

50 Iconic Writers Who Were Rejected

Let me give you one suggestion.

gold starDecide how many pages or words you would like to write each time you sit down, write that on a sticky not and put that number up on your computer screen, next to the list of the “50 Writers Who Were Rejected”, and then write. And every time you succeed, put a star on your calendar. And every time you don’t, read the list of rejected writers, give yourself some grace and pick the writing up the next day. Over time you will begin to find you need to write, enjoy writing and the stars on your calendar will remind you that you are being faithful.

Until next time, Faithful One!


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