Today in History- January 5

Hello Historical Fictionalists , lovers of history and those of you who just love to read anything! To feed your HFA (in case you don’t know what this is, see my last post- Websites for the HF in You) I will supply you with some interesting historical facts about today.

In 1781, Richmond, Virginia was burned by a British naval expedition led by Benedict Arnold

1839  Erected at London, Ontario jail are gallows for the first hanging in the city of Republican rebels captured in 1838.

1874  Winnipeg, Manitoba holds first civic election. However,  only 304 voters were registered and  331 ballots were cast. (Political scandal in Canada? Yes, it happens.)

In 1895, convicted of treason, French Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, was publicly stripped of his rank; he was later vindicated.

1896  German physicist, Wilhelm Roentgen, was reported by a german newspaper to have discovered X-rays. (This would late be helpful for hero created by Toronto born Joe Shuster’s-Superman-X-Ray Vision!)

1914 Henry Ford, increased the minimum wage for workers from $2.37/9 hour day to $5-a-day minimum wage for an 8 hour day. (Tell me…can we ask for shorter days or maybe weeks for workers in the 21st Century? Can we please?)

1933 The Golden Gate Bridge is Born! Happy 82nd Birthday GGB!

Check out this site for more on what happened today in history.This Day in History




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