Planning Your Year Out

How do you find time to do the thing you most want to do? It’s a haunting question, especially if you don’t have an answer but more importantly if you don’t have a plan. I heard somewhere, and I could be wrong on the number, but only 5% of those who have a goal but never write it down achieve it whereas 75% of those who have a goal and write it down achieve it. Here’s my suggestion don’t just write down your goal have a plan to achieve it.

Step One- Write down your goal. Ex. I want to write a novel (or lose weight, get organized, get a new job…whatever your goal is).

Step Two- lay out a realistic and manageable plan. Don’t do something crazy like- I will write every morning at 5 am. Really? Are you really going do that over the long haul, or even over one week? If you really want to obtain your goal, you will however, need to work it into your life. Yes, I used the word “work”. It is going to be work to make this happen but it will be, WILL BE, worth it. So. Take out a calendar, a daily calendar….What are you doing just sitting there reading this, go get the calendar. I will wait.






Welcome Back. Ok. Now look at your calendar and highlight the time (now matter how little or how much) that is free- no work, no kids, no course, no meetings and do not include the time you are sleeping. You do need your sleep,  eight hours is the magic number for a good night sleep.

Step Three- of your free time write in your goal. If it is writing. Put Write. If it is work out. Put Work out. If it to read. Put Read.

Step Four – Do what your schedule says. I know that sounds simplistic and the scary thing it is, it isn’t. You have to DO IT (the good old Nike saying!). You have to look at your calendar and be committed to doing it like you are to going to work, going to school, doing your job, taking care of your children. It is a non-negotiable. If you see it as a non-negotiable, and treated as such, you will  succeed at your goal. If you give yourself all kinds of excuses- I’m tired, I don’t feel inspired, I don’t have the time, I don’t feel well, I have too much going on right now, I…I…I…you, my friend, will never get that goal! Now, get tough on yourself and DO what your schedule says.

Step Four- tell someone. Yes. Tell someone. By telling someone you invite them to keep you accountable and you have someone who is going ask the hard questions and push you toward your goal just by asking. Pick someone you trust and you know who will be honest and bold with you. Got a name in mind? Then what are you waiting for…call them, text them, do coffee with them and ask them. Well…Go! I will wait.


How’d it go?

Just so you know, I  heard somewhere that it takes 3 days to break a habit and 21 days to establish a new habit. If you have a bad habit of not doing something or ending something, give it three days by starting a new habit and then 18 days later it’s your new good habit. Here’s to starting a habit!

Come back here for more suggestions and encouragement. I will be spending January helping you establish a new writing habit! And don’t forget to let me know how it goes by writing me a comment and following me!

Until next time!


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