Welcome Curious Word Wayfarer!

Welcome to my Blog! As a graduate with an Honors degree in History (and Psychology) plus
a Bachelor of Education degree in English, I possess a delightful combination of passions that
marries perfectly with Historical Fiction novels. A genre I not only love to read, but love to
write. I am an English High School teacher and therefore have the honor of sharing my
passion for literature every day, minus summer holidays, with some really great teenagers. I
must warn you, before you go further, that this blog is a pilgrimage through various ancient
worlds, into intriguing minds and unusual circumstances and over challenging literary terrains.
Be prepared to see different things, differently. I will offer you reviews of historical fiction
novels with an honest voice but remember, these are my opinions only and know, that I
welcome your views and perspectives as well. I love quotes! And so in keeping with this, I will
present you with quotes that may inspire you, motive you and confuse you-among a variety of
other reactions- from a variety of literary voices in the historical fiction world. Perhaps, you will
offer a quote as well? You will also find release dates for new works of historical fictions,
interesting facts about authors and/or historical eras, plot summaries, reviews of other blog
sites (and links to blogs I follow), reading challenges, surveys and whatever other interesting
points I can direct you to, to make our adventure memorable. Please, feel free to request or
suggest books for review thereby adding to our historical fiction landscape. I hope you learn,
grow, find inspiration and strength as you participate in this blog. I know I intend to. And now,
let us begin as we have much to see and many “places” to visit.
Enjoy the journey fellow wayfarer!Image


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